Studio Matthew Brooks (SMB) offers the highest quality drum scanning service in Canada and is among the best solutions in North America for museum quality digitization of film. Featuring the only Linotype-Hell (Heidelberg) ChromaGraph S3400 in Canada, SMB can produce scans that most labs cannot: originals up to 16 x 20 inches and resolutions up to 19200ppi in full 16-bit per channel using the latest SilverFast software developed by LaserSoft Imaging in Kiel, Germany.

All scans made at SMB are fluid-mounted using Lumina—a gentler and safer alternative to KAMI mounting fluid—and optical grade mylar. Film is cleaned before mounting and anti-static tools are used to deliver nearly dust-free output. Using SilverFast’s proprietary 48-bit HDR scanning mode, the maximum dynamic and tonal range of each piece of film is captured with zero sharpening (USM) applied.

Unlike Fuji Frontier1 and Noritsu2 CCD scanners, the ChromaGraph S3400 was not designed for bulk scans at a minilab. Even high quality CCD scanners like the Imacon (Flextight)3 cannot match the output of a drum scanner. Using photomultiplier tube (PMT) technology instead of the type of sensors found in digital cameras, SMB’s ChromaGraph S3400 delivers noise-free scans with minimal flare and superior colour rendition, detail, and tonality.

1 Fuji Frontier models: SP-500, SP-1500, SP-2000, SP-3000
2 Nortisu models: LS-600, LS-1100, HS-1800
3 Imacon (Flextight) models: Photo, Precision II/III, 343, 646, 848, 949, X1, X5

For more information about pricing or to purchase scans online, please visit our Price list page or e-mail studio@matthewbrooks.info for a custom quote.

For instructions on how to mail negatives to SMB for scanning, please visit our Mailing instructions page.


Small desktop drum scanners manufactured by Dainippon Screen4, Howtek5, and Aztek6 are small enough to fit on a desk. The ChromaGraph S3400, on the other hand, was designed without compromises.

Many desktop drum scanners have limitations because of their sub-par hardware and aging software. The Screen DTS-1030 AI, for example, can only scan up to 5200ppi in 8-bit and runs on an early 1990s Macintosh Quadra computer with 32MB of RAM. If that sounds outdated to you, that’s because it is.

Whereas the DTS-1030 AI weighs 99lb, SMB’s ChromaGraph S3400 weighs over 1500lb. Why does that matter? Desktop drum scanners weighing under 200lb cannot contain the vibrations created by their operation and this instability, along with the inferior quality of their components, leads to noise in their output and reduced sharpness.

Desktop drum scanners are used by many professional labs in Canada and the U.S.A. The question is: why pay high-end prices for scans made on average equipment?

4 Screen desktop models: DTS-1015 AI, DTS-1030 AI, DTS-1045 AI
5 Howtek desktop models: D4000, ScanMaster 4500 / 6500 / 7500, HiResolve 8000
6 Aztek desktop models: DPL 8000, Premier