Studio Matthew Brooks (SMB) is proud to work with artists across Canada and the U.S.A. For clients outside of Montréal, sending film via Canada Post/USPS, FedEx, or DHL is recommended. It is essential to use a service which provides a tracking number so that your negatives can be safely tracked along the way. If you are sending negatives for scanning, please e-mail with the tracking info as soon as possible.

SMB recommends using a rigid container for your film such as a metal or plastic box. Pina Zangaro’s aluminum boxes work very well and are available via B&H or If you are sending negatives without a protective container or box, please ensure that the mailer is properly lined with cardboard etc.
Please mail film to the following address:

Matthew Brooks
1001 rue Lenoir
Unit A-325
Montréal  H4C 2Z6

If you are sending film from outside Canada, please ensure that the shipment is either marked as “gift” or “no commercial value”. Any duties or taxes charged upon receipt will be added to your final invoice.