6000 x 9000 px (300MB)
9000 x 13600 px (700MB)
12000 x 18000 px (1.2GB)
20 x 30 inches @ 300ppi
30 x 45 inches @ 300ppi
40 x 60 inches @ 300ppi
80.00 CAD +tx
100.00 CAD +tx
120.00 CAD +tx

7000 x 8800 px (350MB)
10600 x 13000 px (800MB)
14000 x 18000 px (1.4GB)
24 x 30 inches @ 300ppi
35 x 44 inches @ 300ppi
48 x 60 inches @ 300ppi
100.00 CAD +tx
120.00 CAD +tx
150.00 CAD +tx

9000 x 11500 px (600MB)
12000 x 15000 px (1.0GB)
15000 x 19000 px (1.6GB)
30 x 38 inches @ 300ppi
40 x 50 inches @ 300ppi
50 x 63 inches @ 300ppi
125.00 CAD +tx
160.00 CAD +tx
200.00 CAD +tx

12000 x 15000 px (1.0GB)
18000 x 23000 px (2.4GB)
24000 x 30000 px (4.0GB)
40 x 50 inches @ 300ppi
60 x 76 inches @ 300ppi
80 x 100 inches @ 300ppi
200.00 CAD +tx
350.00 CAD +tx
500.00 CAD +tx

1 If you are interested in a film size or resolution not listed above, please e-mail studio@matthewbrooks.info for a custom quote
2 We can scan film of almost any size, from individual 8mm frames up to 16x20 sheet film (ULF)
3 Scanning resolution available is nearly unlimited (up to 19200ppi) and our workstations can easily accomodate files up to 10GB flat
4 All scans are delivered as 16-bit TIFF files in AdobeRGB (1998) or Gray Gamma 2.2 unless otherwise requested
5 Spotting (“dusting”) at 100%, manual negative inversion, and basic colour correction are all included
6 If you require retouching, complex corrections, or spotting at 2-400%, a surcharge of 50.00 CAD/hr will be added
7 We offer a volume discount of 10% for 5+ scans / 15% for 10+ scans
8 For larger orders, please e-mail studio@matthewbrooks.info for a custom quote


Depending on the type(s) of services required, each project is assessed on a case-by-case basis. SMB can manage projects from start to finish including equipment and/or studio rental, shooting and assistance on-location (digital tech), RAW conversion or film scanning, retouching, colour correction, and preparing files for print.
SMB’s minimum fee for managing a major production is 500.00 CAD +tx, though small projects or sub-contracts can be completed for less. Please e-mail studio@matthewbrooks.info for a custom quote.


Given that exhibitions can vary wildly due to the amount and size of artworks, each project is assessed on a case-by-case basis. In addition to the scale of the exhibition, the difficulty of documenting certain types of artworks (e.g. highly reflective surfaces) and poor lighting conditions (e.g. mixed colour temperatures, low-quality bulbs) can add hours to a project.
Final images are delivered via WeTransfer at several resolutions in both web and print-ready formats.

SMB’s minimum fee for exhibition documentation is 300.00 CAD +tx, though most projects fall in the 400.00 - 800.00 CAD +tx range. Please e-mail studio@matthewbrooks.info for a custom quote.