Studio Matthew Brooks (SMB) offers both production and post-production services for visual artists and photographers. SMB can manage projects start to finish from shooting and assisting on-location (digital tech) to scanning or RAW conversion, colour correction, retouching, and preparing files for print.

Depending on the budget and level of quality required, SMB can provide high-end full-frame, medium format digital, or 6x7 / 4x5 / 8x10 capture. For projects shot on film, negatives or slides are drum scanned using SMB’s ChromaGraph S3400. For projects shot digitally, RAW files are converted manually to maximize the dynamic and tonal range of the sensor. Any colour correction and retouching necessary is then performed using SMB’s custom workstation with calibrated Eizo ColorEdge monitors and Quadro graphics featuring 10-bit simultaneous display.

For more information about pricing, please visit our Price list page or e-mail for a custom quote.

Adad Hannah, The Raft of the Medusa (Saint-Louis) (2016)
Services provided: RAW conversion, colour correction, retouching